I just returned home from shopping for my first challenge back since breaking my finger. I wanted to start easy because I don’t want prep to take up the whole day as we’re cleaning the house for Easter Dinner next Sunday. I went through my old tried and true meals and decided on the following:


Chicken and Spinach Breakfast Bites

  • Protein – Ground Chicken
  • Carb– Oat Flour
  • Vegetable – Spinach


Chicken Breast, Rice and Coleslaw

  • Protein –  Chicken Breast (seasoning TBD)
  • Carb –  Cilantro Brown Rice
  • Vegetable – No mayo coleslaw (this is a mod of a recipe, and I will have to report back on how it works out)


Fish and Chips and Green Beans

  • Protein – Tilapia Filets
  • Carb – Half oat flour for fish, half sweet potato fries
  • Vegetable – Green Beans


Other Items

I also picked up kale for making kale chips, extra celery and cucumbers for snacks, and some more water flavoring packets. The usual items like Pam, Himalayan Salt, lemon and lime juice were also added in as I will use those throughout the challenge.


Fresh Thyme had almost everything on my list, and they practically have an “FTDI” section whenever I go. Lots of great sales, and I got out of there with around $50 in groceries.


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