This week I needed, again, to keep things simple. With Easter dinner on my usual prep day, and a house to clean, I knew I wasn’t going to have as much time to prep as usual.


Chicken and Spinach Breakfast Bites (again)

  • Protein – Ground Chicken
  • Carb– Oat Flour
  • Vegetable – Spinach

This time, however, I baked the meatballs so that I wouldn’t have to sit around at the stove watching them. This allowed me to prep other things at the same time. I like the fried versions better, but these were still good.


Shredded Chicken Breast Salad with Quinoa

  • Protein –  Chicken Breast (no seasoning)
  • Carb –  Quinoa
  • Vegetable – Lettuce and Cucumbers

This is a very fast meal to prep and actually didn’t turn out bad. The Walden Balsamic dressing isn’t terrible either.


FTDI Pizza

  • Protein – Shredded Chicken, and 1.5 egg whites in the crust
  • Carb – Oat Flour Crust
  • Vegetable – Spinach

Pizza is one of my favorite go-to dinners. I have to prep it the night of because it doesn’t hold up if you make it ahead of time. This makes it a prep-less meal. However, this time around, my husband surprised me by making the BEST FTDI pizza crust I’ve ever had. I will update the site with the recipe shortly. It’s seriously amazing.

Other Items

This week I didn’t pick up much for snacks, but I did make some gummies. This basically involves gelatin and crystal light poured into a mold and cooled in the fridge. I initially used MooMoo Jackson’s receipe, then started experimenting with others out there. TrueLemon makes some great options, and even some 0 calorie ones. I put a few in a bag to bring with me when I’m having cravings. It really helped out on Easter while I watched everyone devour a beautiful cheesecake and other cakes.

I didn’t take many photos this time as I was in a hurry shopping, and we were frantically getting ready to host 28 people at our house the next day. But I think you get the point. It’s been an easy food week.

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