FTDI Recipes and Meal Prep

Getting started with FTDI can be a bit intimidating. In this section, I’ll post about the recipes I’ve created or modified while participating in each 20lbs in 6 weeks challenge. 

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FTDI Zucchini Bread

FTDI Zucchini Bread What better way to get your carbs and veggies in with one simple recipe! Servings 5 Primary Ingredient: Oat Flour, Zucchini FTDI: 100% Good For: Dessert Inroduction About this Recipe By: Alison As my challenges progress, I've been getting more and...

The BEST FTDI Pizza Crust Ever!

The BEST FTDI Pizza Crust Ever! This is the last pizza crust recipe you'll ever make for your challenge. It's strong and stands up to toppings (no breaking or flaking), and it tastes like a cracker.  Servings 2 Primary Ingredient: Oat Flour, Egg Whites FTDI: 100% Good...

FTDI Pizza

FTDI Pizza This FTDI pizza made me feel like I was eating regular food again. It's a nice break from the monotony when you're having chicken at every meal. Servings 1 Primary Ingredient: Chicken and Oats FTDI: 100% Good For: Dinner Inroduction About this Recipe By:...

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